Junk in the Yard: Day Ten – The Sin of Greed

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Junk in the Yard: Day Ten – The Sin of Greed

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the latest installment of our Lenten series, “Junk in the Ard.” In our ongoing exploration of the sin of greed, today we delve into another facet that reveals how this vice manifests in our lives.

Those ensnared by the sin of greed incessantly seek comfort in every aspect of their existence. From the way they travel to how they dine, their time is spent in pursuit of maximum comfort, often at the expense of manipulating others, be they friends or family. This insatiable desire stems from a societal culture that incessantly promotes the pursuit of pleasure and comfort, leaving no room for discomfort or inconvenience.

Yet, there is a profound wisdom in embracing discomfort, as exemplified by a story shared within. Through the lens of simplicity, we’re reminded of the monk’s minimalist lifestyle, akin to passing through this world with humility and detachment. By accepting discomfort willingly, we can offer up our pains and inconveniences to God, transforming them into graces for ourselves and others.

St. Francis of Assisi likened our flesh to a donkey, ever-willing to pull us in various directions unless restrained by the reins of our will. Thus, as we embark on each day, let us beseech God’s grace to temper our desires for comfort, and instead, find solace in embracing discomfort for the greater good. Let us pray for deliverance from greed and a heart generous in sharing, echoing the words of Jesus, who was sold for thirty pieces of silver. Amen.

Join us as we continue our Lenten journey, seeking purification and renewal of spirit. God bless you, brothers and sisters, as we strive to overcome the allure of worldly possessions and find true happiness in selfless giving.

Sin of Greed

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