Junk in the Yard: Day Seventeen – The Sin of Lust

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Junk in the Yard: Day Seventeen – The Sin of Lust


Join us on a reflective journey exploring the dangerous allure of lust and its consequences, inspired by King David’s infamous sinful actions.

The Seductive Trap of Lust

King David’s story serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting how unchecked lust can lead even the most virtuous astray. His idle moment of weakness spiraled into a web of unethical decisions with severe repercussions.

Confronting the Demon of Idleness

David’s sin wasn’t just about desire but also a lack of purpose and drive. We delve into how idleness can pave the path to disgrace and moral downfall, echoing the adage ‘idle hands are the devil’s playground.’

Guarding the Gates of the Mind

An unoccupied mind becomes the breeding ground for impure fantasies and sinister thoughts. We explore the influence of external forces like the devil and the importance of fostering a dialogue with God to deflect dangerous distractions.

Nourishing the Spirit with Divine Wisdom

Discover the solace in deepening one’s connection with God to combat idleness and sloth. We discuss the transformative power of prayer, particularly through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the efficacy of spiritual tools like the rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet.

Embracing Virtue: Custody of the Eyes

Practicing vigilance over what we perceive and consume is key to evading the pitfalls of lust. We stress the significance of averting our gaze from temptations and abstaining from media that distorts human sexuality, advocating for a deliberate cultivation of virtuous thoughts.


Through spiritual diligence and seeking divine guidance, one can triumph over the allure of lust, finding solace in God’s grace and the intercession of heavenly patrons.

The Sin of Lust

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