Junk in the Yard: A Deep Dive into Pride

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Junk in the Yard: A Deep Dive into Pride

Welcome to our Lenten series, “Junk in the Yard”. In this series, we explore the capital sins that clutter our spiritual journey. Our first episode delves into the sin of Pride, often referred to as the mother and root of all sins.

Pride is a stubborn pursuit of becoming someone we’re not meant to be, a longing for perverse elevation, and a constant search for praise and esteem. It’s a sin against the first commandment, placing ourselves above all others, considering ourselves as the almighty.

This sin has been the driving force behind many dictators and rulers throughout history, leading to subjugation, bloodshed, and suffering. When there’s no higher authority, no moral code, anything goes in the pursuit of being at the top.

Pride is a fundamental issue we all deal with in different shapes and forms. In this reflection, we briefly cover the sin of Pride and its major characteristics, including the pursuit of career at any cost, considering oneself superior to others, and perfectionism.

Join us as we delve deeper into the sin of Pride in the next eight episodes of this series. Let’s clear the junk in our yard together. Stay tuned!

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The Sin of Pride

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