Junk in the Yard: Day Fifteen – The Sin of Lust

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Junk in the Yard: Day Fifteen – The Sin of Lust

Exploring the repercussions of lust and its impact on personal integrity and relationships.

The sin of lust represents a distorted pursuit of pleasure, intertwined with greed, revealing a deeper issue of insatiable desires. Archbishop Sheen highlights lust as the ‘queen of vices,’ emphasizing its destructive nature. French writer’s insights on the repercussions of the sexual revolution shed light on society’s struggles. Balancing pleasure with long-term goals is crucial, as unchecked lust leads to emptiness and harmful behaviors. Embracing temperance aids in overcoming addictions and fostering self-control. Practice of fasting and abstinence, especially during Lent, fosters self-discipline and inner strength.

The Sin of Lust

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