Junk in the Yard: Day Six – The Sin of Pride

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Junk in the Yard: Day Six – The Sin of Pride

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to our Lenten series, “Junk in the Yard.” Throughout this series, we’ve been delving into the sin of pride, and today we explore another facet of this vice: the desperate pursuit of human approval, gratification, and admiration. This longing for admiration is evident in the story of Jesus being tempted by the devil in the desert, where Satan tempts Him to throw Himself down from the temple pinnacle to be admired by all.

In our lives, we often seek human applause and approval, wanting to be noticed and elevated in the eyes of others. However, Jesus reminds us to perform our acts of piety in secret, not for human glory, but for God’s approval. This is a stark contrast to the societal norm where everyone expects recognition and applause for even the smallest of deeds.

We must remember St. Paul’s words that everything we do should be for the glory of God, not for human beings. When we are overlooked or not given the approval we seek, it is an opportunity to show unconditional love and do things out of love for God alone. Prayer, particularly the Litany of Humility, can help us refocus our intentions and do things with the right spirit.

May this reflection help us combat the sin of pride and seek God’s approval above all else. God bless you as we continue our Lenten series on “Junk in the Yard.”

Junk in the Yard – The Sin of Pride

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