Junk in the Yard: Day Eight – The Sin of Pride

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Junk in the Yard: Day Eight – The Sin of Pride

Welcome, brothers and sisters, to our Lenten series, “Junk in the Yard,” where we explore the sin of pride. Today, we focus on another aspect of pride: our aversion to humiliations, contradictions, criticisms, or disagreements. None of us enjoys being criticized or belittled. When faced with such situations, our pride often leads us to react defensively, aggressively, or with resentment. We may even cut off relationships or become rebellious.

However, these challenges can be opportunities for growth. Humiliations and criticisms are often sent by God to correct us and help us grow in humility. They remind us of our faults and encourage us to seek forgiveness for our own wrongdoings. Instead of reacting impulsively, let us pause, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, and reflect on the lessons God is trying to teach us.

As we navigate through life’s challenges, let us remember to imitate Christ’s meekness and humility. Let us embrace humiliations as opportunities for self-reflection and spiritual growth. God bless you as we continue our Lenten series on “Junk in the Yard.”

Junk in the Yard -The Sin of Pride

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