Junk in the Yard

Junk In The Yard 16x9

Junk in the Yard

Lenten Reflections: The Junk in the Yard

In this Lenten series, we explore the metaphor of a cluttered yard filled with discarded items. Just as physical junk accumulates, our lives can also become messy due to disordered attitudes, sins, and miscommunication. Join us as we examine these issues through the lens of the seven capital sins, reflecting on how they impact our families and relationships.

Welcome to Lenten Journey 2024 titled ‘Junk in the Yard’

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  1. Natalie Kroutz
    Natalie Kroutz

    Welcome Father
    Epic title , as I navigate myself through the upcoming Holy and Lenten Season.
    Prelude absolutely WOW!!! food for thought.
    Gods Blessings upon you in this your Ministry.

  2. Rafael S Vega
    Rafael S Vega

    Thank you,this is definitely, a great help in this journey. May
    God continues to enlighten you pour upon you maney blessings.

  3. Maurice Bunyan
    Maurice Bunyan

    Fantastic 👏👏 I really found the Advent Reflections very helpful for my preparation for Christmas, So I’m very excited to listen to what’s in store to prepare me for Easter, God Bless your vocation Fr’ Zygmunt 🙏🙏

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