Advent Bridge – Day 3

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Advent Bridge – Day 3

Welcome, dear Brothers and Sisters, to Day Three of our Advent Bridge series! Today, we delve into the profound words of Prophet Isaiah as he paints a beautiful image of hope emerging from the stump of Jesse.

Isaiah’s vision is compelling—out of what seems lost and hopeless, a shoot shall sprout, and a bud shall blossom. He uses the metaphor of a tree stump, a symbol of situations that appear problematic and beyond repair. Yet, the prophet assures us that God’s power is such that new life can indeed sprout from the seemingly barren.

How often do we encounter stumps in our lives—areas where we believe nothing good will ever come out, situations that seem irreparable? Isaiah’s message challenges us not to lose hope. In this season of Advent, as we cry out for the Lord to rend the heavens and come down, let us also gaze at the stumps of our lives with faith.

The story of Abraham’s hope against all hope serves as a powerful reminder. Just as Abraham trusted in God’s promise of a son, we too are called to trust that God can bring life to the seemingly lifeless stumps in our lives. This requires a deep trust, a hope against all hope, that God is capable of transforming the most challenging situations.

Isaiah reveals a key characteristic of the Messiah—His ability to judge not based on hearsays or limited perspectives, but with a divine understanding of the whole reality. As we seek transformation this Advent, let us surrender our judgments to the Lord. Instead of being harsh and judgmental, let us humbly acknowledge that only God has the complete picture.

On this day of Advent, let’s bring before the Lord those areas of our lives resembling stumps. With humility and simplicity, let us ask the Lord to rend the heavens and come down, bringing new life to what seems barren. Additionally, let’s seek instruction from the Lord, asking for guidance in passing judgment, that our hearts may reflect the justice of the Cross.

May this Advent day be filled with trust, hope, and a willingness to surrender judgment to the One who sees and understands all. God bless you, dear brothers and sisters, as we continue our Advent Bridge series. 

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