Advent Bridge – Day 6

Advent Bridge Theme

Advent Bridge – Day 6

Welcome, beloved Brothers and Sisters, to Day Six of our enlightening Advent Bridge series! Today, we unravel the profound message from Prophet Isaiah, revealing that God sets a new perspective in our lives, opening a path like a fresh horizon before us.

In Isaiah’s words, we discover a transformative vision—where the deaf shall hear and the blind shall see. This metaphor extends beyond physical senses, symbolizing those spiritually deaf to God’s voice and blind to His continuous work in our lives. For those who have been deaf, there is the promise of hearing God’s voice through scriptures and inspirations. Similarly, for those who have been blind, there is the assurance of seeing God’s presence even in the darkest moments.

However, Isaiah also challenges us to examine our pursuits. Pursuing evil and idolatry blinds and deafens us to God’s word. Let’s reflect: Are we prioritizing things over God, turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to His wisdom? It’s a poignant reminder to refocus and ensure that our pursuit is aligned with God’s will.

A crucial aspect Isaiah addresses is the power of our words. Our speech, a gift and a responsibility, can either build up or tear down. The same tongue that praises God can also be used to curse others, pulling them away from their faith. This calls for introspection: Are our words edifying and enlightening, or are they potentially leading others astray?

If we find ourselves blind and deaf due to idolatry, the invitation is clear: close that chapter and turn towards the future with a repentant heart. Allow the Lord to gradually reveal a new horizon, a new perspective. Simultaneously, let’s examine our words, seeking God’s guidance to use our speech to strengthen, edify, and guide those around us.

As we continue our Advent journey, let us embrace this opportunity for renewal, trusting that God’s transformative power can open new horizons and perspectives. God bless you, dear brothers and sisters, as we navigate this Advent Bridge series with hearts open to the light of God’s truth.

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