Advent Bridge – Day 2

Advent Bridge Theme

Advent Bridge – Day 2

Welcome, dear Brothers and Sisters, to Day Two of our transformative Advent Bridge series!

Today, we delve into the profound teachings of Prophet Isaiah as he guides us on a journey to climb the Lord’s Mountain.

Isaiah beckons us to ascend to the house of the God of Jacob, symbolizing the Church ascending to the Lord. In this sacred space, we are called to seek instruction from the Lord, recognizing our own ignorance and the need to be guided in His ways. As we climb, we are reminded that our encounters with challenging individuals are opportunities for growth and transformation.

Prophet Isaiah’s words resonate with real-life scenarios. Are there people in your life who raise your blood pressure? Your supervisor, coworker, spouse, child, friend, or even someone from the church? Isaiah speaks directly to our hearts, addressing the need for transformation in our relationships.

He vividly paints a picture of turning swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks. It’s a powerful metaphor urging us to shift our mindset from training for war in our relationships to cultivating peace. How often do we find ourselves mentally preparing for conflict, planning our responses, and bracing for confrontation? Isaiah challenges us to break this cycle of unrest and uneasiness.

The call is clear—to come to the Lord and seek concrete answers. Instead of training for war, let us search for Christian approaches in handling challenging relationships. Isaiah encourages us to seek God’s guidance, saying, “Teach me, Lord, instruct me. I’m ignorant, blind. I don’t know how to respond.”

In our pursuit of being Christ’s followers, let’s abandon the habit of pulling out verbal swords and Spears to strike back. Instead, let us respond with the wisdom of God, even if it means losing an argument. As we face unfriendly coworkers or challenging situations, let our response be one of peace and goodwill.

Isaiah’s message is a powerful reminder that our actions can be guided by God’s transformative love. So, let us ascend to the Lord, seeking His instruction and embracing a mindset of peace over war. May this Advent season be a time of profound change in our hearts and relationships.

God bless you as we continue our Advent series, navigating this season with a spirit of peace and transformation.

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