Advent Bridge – Day 4

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Advent Bridge – Day 4

Welcome, dear Brothers and Sisters, to Day Four of our transformative Advent Bridge series! Today, we explore a profound message from Prophet Isaiah, shedding light on our experiences of failure and the veils that may shroud our vision.

Have you ever faced a situation in life that seemed broken beyond repair, leaving you without the strength to carry on? Prophet Isaiah invites us to climb the mountain of the Lord, assuring us that He will take away the veil from our eyes. On this mountain, He will destroy the veils that obscure our vision, the webs woven over all nations, and He will abolish death forever.

In reflecting on my own life, I’ve realized that some situations weren’t as failed and broken as they seemed. The issue often lies in the veils that cloud our perception, preventing us from seeing as God sees. A change of vision is essential, and only when the Lord removes the veil can we truly see and understand.

Is there a concrete situation in your life that seems failed and broken? Consider this: it might not be as dire as it appears. The veil could be distorting your vision. Isaiah’s message prompts us to examine our lives during this Advent season—identifying areas that need improvement and seeking the removal of veils that cloud our perception.

Have you ever experienced a moment when, after seeking God’s guidance, the veil was lifted, and you saw possibilities and solutions where there seemed to be none? The Lord is our Savior, ready to guide and reveal solutions. The concluding words of Prophet Isaiah resonate: “This is the Lord for whom we looked; let us rejoice and be glad that he has saved us.”

To embark on this journey of clarity, we need to climb the mountain of the Lord with humility. Spiritual work is required—asking, praying, imploring, and stepping out of our sloppiness and laziness. When the Lord removes the veil, we begin to see situations as the saints did, with possibilities where we saw none.

So, let’s take a moment to ponder those seemingly failed situations, asking the Lord to remove the veil from our eyes. May we see with His vision, gain wisdom, and not wander in darkness. God bless you, dear brothers and sisters, as we continue our Advent series with hearts open to clarity and transformation.

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