Advent Bridge – Day 5

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Advent Bridge – Day 5

Welcome, Brothers and Sisters, to Day Five of our transformative Advent Bridge series! Today, we delve into the insightful words of Prophet Isaiah, discovering the paradoxical truth that the poor ones will conquer the fortified city through their trust in the Lord.

Isaiah challenges our conventional thinking by presenting the idea that the poor, seemingly lacking in worldly strength, will conquer a well-protected and guarded city. The key to their conquest lies not in military power but in unwavering trust in the Lord. This paradox prompts us to reflect on the nature of our own trust—revealed in our anxieties, worries, and the way we navigate life.

Trusting in the Lord leads to a transformation in our approach to obstacles and struggles. The one who surrenders to the Lord, acknowledging His presence and active role in our lives, experiences these tribulations in a different light. From this trust, Isaiah tells us, comes peace—a Divine Shalom, the Messianic Shalom we await.

The tension arises when we hear that the Lord raises walls and ramparts to protect the fortified city. Why, if we trust in the Lord, do we still need these physical defenses? Isaiah unveils the constant spiritual attacks of the evil one—temptations, discouragements, and deceptive thoughts. The Lord’s walls and ramparts act as a shield against these assaults.

St. Teresa of Avila beautifully likens us to a fortified fortress circled by the evil one, searching for vulnerabilities. Our life of faith, encompassing prayer, sacraments, and spiritual practices, allows the Lord to build protective barriers, especially in areas of vulnerability.

So, today, let’s introspect our trust in the Lord and reaffirm it in various situations, echoing the words, “Jesus, I trust in you. I abandon myself to you.” Simultaneously, let’s evaluate our spiritual defenses—have we allowed the Lord to build walls and ramparts, or do we find ourselves exposed to repeated temptations?

As we continue our Advent series, may our trust in the Lord be unwavering, and may we actively participate in allowing Him to fortify our spiritual lives. God bless you on this reflective Advent journey!

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